24 November 2011

Project 4550

So we have this project at school called “4550” which basically means “Project from week 45 to week 50” and the subject is “A Mediterranean villager Jim Henson style”. So we have to make our model with the features of a muppet.

The six weeks are going to contain concept creation, modeling, rigging, lighting, shading and rendering. 
Currently we have completed the idea and concept stage and are now focusing on modeling, rigging and staging. These images are my works in progress.

4 November 2011

Maya Intro

Amfibian character from Rune Månsson on Vimeo.

We had our first encounter with maya in my class at the Animation Workshop.

We had to model a characters head, the body was supplied but we had to rig it along with the head.

This was the result of 3 weeks of teacing. From not knowing the program at all, I feel like I've learned a thing or two :)

1 November 2011

Maya Intro

My first real product of maya class. Base shape made in Maya, sculpted further in Mudbox, then lighted in Maya with mental ray. Enjoy :)