27 September 2011

Design 1

So this last week we had Introduction to Design. We were introduced to the techniques and principles that can convey a mood even without a motive.
For the first assignment (First picture) we had to eat dark chocklate and draw a shape that we associated with it.
The second assignment as "Create an abstraction for Sci-Fi, horror or Romance" I chose Sci-Fi.
The last assignment was "Jungle" 
We were not allowed to use anything but Black and White, no graytones and abstract shapes.

25 September 2011

Maquette Design

So last week we had to make a marquette design from an audiobook about a little girl and some wolfs in the walls of the house. This is what my marquette looked like.

22 September 2011

Introduction to filmmaking

Slowness from Rune Månsson on Vimeo.

The first two weeks at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, students are put in groups of 4-5 people. They don't know each other or each others abilities and they have to produce a 30 sec video sequence with what ever abilities they have. 

Each group is supplied with a Podcast that they have to pick and choose from to create their own story. This is what my group came up with. Randomness :) Maria, Lea and Ann-Helen did the animation, Pedro and I stood for pre and post production.

20 September 2011

Design Intro

So today we were to create our dream car in photoshop by cutting out elements of other cars and collaging them back together. This is what I came up with. It's a combination of a VW Scirocco, Ford Cobra, Bentley and some veteran car :)

19 September 2011

Tank sketch

So we had a lecture this friday and while I listened to it, this guy came to fruition on the paper :) I scanned it and gave it some quick shading in photoshop.

Biotex Concepts

Dirt and cleaning robots concept for the Danish detergent company Biotex. The robots was created for a series of commercials where they where to shoot dirt at people or dry them.

Photoshop 101

School assignment. We had Anne Laure To as a teacher for a week and she gave us this assignment: Create a concept with a character of your choice, place this character in an environment that matches him/her and make it fight a happy meal.
She was originally given this assignment herself by McD to promote toys that would be included in the happy meal.

18 September 2011


Meet the CARGOrilla bot. Done as a sparetime project. I designed it to look as if it was part of the Portal universe. 
The bot has taken a liking to the companion cube, but was originally designed to shove heavy machinery or containers around. Draw in 12 hours with standart brush and texture brushes from Daarken

Christmas Card

Every year I get a request to do these Christmas card from a company called Accedo, Just wanted to post one of them on the blog :)