11 May 2012

Short, Short Film Project

We had a school assignment called The Short, Short Film project, and we were given four weeks to create a movie from three randomly given words.
Our word were Lust, Insects and Special Special Effects. This is what we came up with.

Me: Director, Editor, Compositor, Sound.
Morten Jæger: Lead Background designer, Compositor
Kristján Ingólfsson: Storyboard and Background artist, compositor
Ann-Helen Rinvar: Storyboard and Background artist, compositor
Jane Langkilde: Animation, Character Designer
Stine Andersen: Animation, Lead Character Designer
Stelios Stamatiadis: Animator, Character Designer

5 March 2012

More Details have been added to the face, and an ear has been attached to each side of the face too :)

2 March 2012

Biped Project update 2

So now we started on 3D modelling, this is how far I got during our first week with James Stone. I focused on getting my edge loops to work and to eliminate and triangles that might pop op in the model. Next week we're going to work on the suit, boots and accessories.

26 February 2012

Biped Project update 1

So the first week of the biped project we had anatomy class and then character design. I came up with this guy. Meet Spaceman Gregg. Lost and forgotten on an abandoned space station he has become insane by loneliness and is afraid of every sound he hears. He lost his arm sometime during his long stay at the station and has strapped on a mechanical arm. He can't use or control the arm but is comforted by its presence.

Week 2 of the biped project. We created a turnaround for our character and created the maquette seen below. Click on it for a larger image.

20 January 2012

Ghost Pirate Invasion of Venice

3rd round of Design 2 has been finished. Subject was Ghost Pirate Invasion of Venice. I'm pretty tired now...

18 January 2012

Dinosaur Playground

Round two of Design 2 with Lawrence Marvit. This time we were to create a dinosaur playground, incoorporating some of the things we have learned.

17 January 2012

Weapon of Atlantis

Design 2 has started and our teacher Lawrence Marvit has commanded us to draw a weapon from Atlantis as a rendering assignment. Here is my part.

15 December 2011

Project 4550 Result

Here is the result of 6 weeks work. Hope you like it, remember to click the image to view it in full screen. There's even a tukan in the picture, see if you can find it.

8 December 2011

Projects 4550 update

Update for project 4550. Some textures are done, some somewhat done and some a completely missing :) Lighting is done and pose i final.